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"Remove everything!! Fantastic programme :-)"

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Absolutely the best uninstaller out there,,, and it's free...!

It has several settings to uninstall and scan for unnecessary and excess files and other useless files, folders etc.

From quick to deep scan..

All the the "crap" left behind from programmes are erased and cleaned.

And it even haves one of the best and most thorough "junk-cleaners" to remove other junk-files left behind from before your started to use

Revo Uninstaller ;-)

  • - Very very thorough
  • - It's freeware
  • - really cleans up your PC
  • - have some interesting extra tools to clean and optimize your Windows
  • - A bit slow when your want to be thorough on the uninstall of a programme and the scan afterwards
  • -The scan for unnecessary and excess junk-files can also be a bit slow
  • PS. BUT the programme is getting faster and faster for every update! :-)

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30 Jul 2008

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  1. Superb free uninstaller for programs you just can't remove