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Help & Info about Revo Uninstaller for windows

  • What is Revo Uninstaller?

    Revo Uninstaller is a program that allows users to quickly uninstall applications from computers. In comparison to the built-in Windows Add or Remove Programs app, this program provides greater control over the uninstallation process and more thorough removal of leftovers files. The program also comes with multiple tools that help users clean and optimize their operating systems.
  • Is Revo Uninstaller free?

    Yes, the program is free, and there are no trial periods or hidden payments to contend with. Although the free version has a wide range of powerful features, a paid version is also available. This upgraded version adds functionality, including the ability to remove leftover files from previously uninstalled programs.
  • Does Revo Uninstaller work on Mac?

    No, the program does not currently support Mac operating systems. Softonic offers a number of alternative programs for Macs that offer similar functionality, including AppCleaner, AppZapper and AppTrap.
  • Is Revo Uninstaller safe?

    The program is generally considered safe and free of malicious software. When using this program, the main safety concern is that you may inadvertently remove a program you need or alter your operating system in an undesirable way. Although the program does use restore points, uninstalling certain critical programs may still produce unintended consequences.
  • Why use Revo Uninstaller?

    This program is useful for those users who want to maintain their operating system at peak operating efficiency – free from excess files and leftover registry entries. The additional cleanup tools offered by this program may also contribute to a faster and more efficient operating system.
  • What is Revo Uninstaller Hunter Mode?

    Hunter Mode allows users to target specific programs for uninstallation without using the program’s main interface. When in Hunter Mode, the interface will be replaced with a small, blue target icon. Drag this target icon over an executable file on your desktop or file browser to select the program for uninstallation.
  • Can Revo Uninstaller uninstall itself?

    Yes, the program comes with an uninstaller application that allows for one-click removal. Alternatively, you can use the program’s own functionality to uninstall itself. An entry for the application will appear in the user interface; simply select it and click Uninstall in the top menu to begin the uninstallation process.
  • Why is uninstall grayed out?

    If the Uninstall icon is grayed out, the selected program cannot be uninstalled using the Uninstaller mode. This problem may occur because the selected program has already been completely or partially uninstalled. If you encounter this problem, consider updating the program to a newer version. Alternatively, you can attempt to target the program you want to uninstall using Hunter Mode.
  • Is Revo Uninstaller necessary?

    Strictly speaking, the program is not necessary to uninstall programs; Windows already has a built-in app that provides this functionality. However, the Windows uninstaller may not always remove all superfluous folders and registry entries when uninstalling programs. This program ensures all uninstalls are executed to a high standard, maintaining the integrity of your operating system’s registry.
  • Where is Revo Uninstaller installed?

    By default, the program is installed in Program Files > VS Revo Group. However, if you specified another directory during installation, it will be located elsewhere. In this case, you can actually locate the install location using the program itself: In the Uninstaller interface, right click on the program’s listing and click on Install Location to open the program’s install folder.


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